Feb 12, 2014
"Mortar coverage for Natural Stone Tile..
Jul 25, 2013
The entire flooring industry has taken notice of the success of wood planked flooring. Porcelain tile manufacturers are now producing more and more planking style floors.  But there is a serious problem with their finished product.
Apr 10, 2012
Polymeric sand or Silica sand. Why should I pay more for the Polymeric sand??
Mar 19, 2012


We recently received a good question regarding using sand to finish pavers on patios.

Mar 5, 2012
We, as the producers of stone, control all the issues regarding quality. We choose the density, color variations and direction of the veining in the natural stone blocks...
Mar 5, 2012
Living with travertine you will find is very forgiving, hiding dirt and dust better than most other types of flooring....
Mar 5, 2012
Is the floor clean with no grout haze present?...
Mar 5, 2012
Did the installers clean thinset from the grout lines?...
Mar 5, 2012
-Are the installers pulling materials from multiple pallets?...
Mar 5, 2012
the most common colors of QDIStone travertines
Mar 5, 2012
Variety of finishes in Travertine Tiles
Mar 5, 2012
Understanding the properties and colors of travertine
Feb 27, 2012
Natural stone around a pool involves the use of a salt water system.
Feb 27, 2012
Questions regarding using travertine pavers on a driveway
Dec 21, 2011
Ginny Knuaff the marketing and design consultant in our Houston office recently viewed a job installed by a really good reputable contractor
Dec 2, 2011
" We field many calls here at QDIstone. One of the most common ones is: "We recently had travertine installed in our house, and ...
Mar 5, 2010
As for proper installation of glass tiles in a pool QDI recommends the following..