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Quarries Direct International LLC. (QDIstone) is in the business of supplying vast variety of high quality natural stone materials at very affordable pricing to the US market.  Our philosophy is:  “Nature makes quality, QDIstone makes it affordable”.


The owners of QDIstone have a family history dating back generations in the mining of minerals and metals overseas.  They’ve grown up fascinated with the geology and the machinery of quarries.  The founder began spending time in the European banking profession but soon became involved in supplying natural stone to the US market.  They were the first to provide white marble that was used in a project located in Hollywood CA.  Arif and Fatih were drawn back to their childhood fascinations.  They realized that by supplying high quality materials to the US they could also keep families in the Turkish communities whom were dependent on the quarries operating, from being forced to leave their villages for the industrial cities of eastern Europe.  They take immense pride in being socially responsible as well by supplying high quality products in America, their beloved new home, while still being able to fulfill their dedication to their birthplace.  They provide a family atmosphere to those who work with QDIstone with strong emphasis on values, morals, and pride in a job well done.


QDIstone is an industry leader, and fully dedicated to natural stone and products that accent and compliment them.  We are innovating the future of natural stone and will be providing them on a national level over the next few years.  Watch closely as we change the way natural stone is produced, presented and sold.  Our ultimate joy is only complete when we hear the level of satisfaction our customers write and say about us, also by the increase in demand for our materials from those who see them.


We should all acknowledge the fact that, unfortunately, the natural stone market currently is too easily accessible by companies who choose to import inferior products which undermine the overall satisfaction of the natural stone experience to those who are under educated about it.  However, QDIstone does not buy “spot market” (left over) materials, period!  All of our stones are made to order from the quarries.  QDIstone’s purchasing office is on location at the richest travertine source in eastern Europe.  Our full time QDIstone purchasing director is dedicated to assuring that what we request is quarried and shipped according to our strict specifications.  Color, size, fill and finish are all selected based on QDIstone’s unique control samples.  They are carefully selected and approved by the QDIstone team here in America.  Our customers are able to order and install travertine today, and should they decide to purchase additional material in, say, 5 or 10 years, still be able to match their stone in shade, size, finish and tone.  A bold statement that we are committed to ensure.


Why become a distributor of QDIstone?  It is simple:  material consistency, our commitment to total quality, no excuse customer service, trained knowledgeable sales representation, in-depth product knowledge, and materials in stock when you need them.  We are down to earth and you will never be pressured by QDIstone team.  That’s our goal and commitment!


Join with us over the upcoming years as part of our team.  We will have franchise opportunities available with plans to have three national distribution centers across the country and distribution outlets in key cities across the country.  Looking forward to serving you years to come!